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Remove scratches in shoes

Remove scratches in shoes

Slight scratches in shoes made of smooth leather can happen quickly. You may have got caught on a step or someone has simply stepped on your shoe. With a little skill, light scratches can be easily removed.

Light scratches are always in the finish of the leather. If the scratches are deeper and have penetrated the leather, only special repair creams can help, such as Famaco's Famacolor repair cream.

Step 1: Clean scratched area

Often, the smallest remnants of dirt adhere in the scrape. If the dirt cannot be removed with the Burgol Luxury Dirt Brush, take the Burgol Shoe Cleaner and clean the area wet.

Step 2: Shoe cream

Since scratches often reveal the leather under the finish, apply sparingly Burgol Shoe Pomade Cream in matching colours. Polish the shoes after a few minutes with a Burgol Horsehair Brush.

Step 3: Fill the scratch with shoe wax

While shoe wax is usually used very sparingly, now apply a little more the Burgol Shoe Poloshing Wax to the scratch. Allow the shoe wax to dry for 15 minutes and afterwords smooth the area with a Burgol Premium Polishing Cloth.

Finally, polish the shoes to a shine with a Burgol Horsehair Brush.

If the quantity of shoe wax was not sufficient, repeat step 3.

Deep scratches

Light scratches can be removed very easily in this way. Only for deeper scratches or abrasions do we recommend the special Famacolor Repair Cream.

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