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Shoecare for shoes made of greasy leather

Shoecare for shoes made of greasy leather

Shoes made of oiled or greased leather are especially protected against the influence of moisture. Not only the traditonal boat shoe is made of oiled leather, but also many mountain and hiking boots. What all shoes have in common is that they do not have shiny leather, it is rather dull.

Step 1: Cleaning shoes

Shoes made of greasy leather should be cleaned by brushing with a Burgol Luxury Dirt Brush. Water-soluble dirt can be removed with a  moistened Burgol Polishing Cloth.

Do not use a cleaner with solvent for shoes made of greasy leather, it can reduce the protection against wetness.

Step 2: Colour refreshment and shoecare

Greased or oiled leather can be treated with Burgol Dubbin. Do not apply the leather grease directly to the leather, use a cloth to apply very little grease and rub it onto the leather. In hard-to-reach areas, apply the leather grease with the Burgol Dauber Brush.

Allow the leather grease a few minutes to soak into the leather. Remove excess leather grease with a cloth and a little pressure.

Use leather grease very sparingly. If too much leather grease is used, the surface will become sticky and dust and dirt will stick more quickly.

If a colour refreshment is necessary, use Burgol Shoe Pomade Cream prior to the leather grease. We only need the colour pigments from the Burgol Shoe Pomade Cream. Apply the shoe cream very thinly and treat the shoes with the leather grease immediately afterwards, as described above.

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