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Shoe Care Kit for Sneakers

Burgol White Cleaner Plus Kit

Shoe Care Kit for Sneakers

With the proper care, your sneakers will shine like they did on their first day. Our sneaker care kit comes in an attractive packaging – perfect for personal use or as a gift for sneaker enthusiasts.



  • 1 bottle of Burgol White Cleaner Plus in 200 ml
  • 1 Burgol Sneaker Brush
  • 1 Burgol Microfiber Cloth

Burgol White Cleaner Plus Kit

Sneaker Care Instructions:

Step 1 Prepare Your Sneakers: Start by removing any coarse dirt or dust from your sneakers.

Step 2 Clean Your Sneakers: Generously spray the Burgol White Cleaner Plus onto the surface of the sneakers. Then, gently work the cleaner into the upper material of the sneakers using the Burgol Sneaker Brush, especially on heavily soiled areas. Use circular motions to effectively loosen the dirt. You can also spray the sneaker cleaner directly onto the edges of the soles.

Step 3 Dirt Removal: Allow the applied cleaner to sit for about a minute to loosen stubborn dirt.

Step 4 Wipe and Clean: Use a clean Burgol Microfiber Cloth to wipe down all smooth surfaces with light pressure. Clean all other materials with a damp microfiber cloth.

Remember to perform a compatibility test on an inconspicuous area before use to ensure that the product does not have any adverse effects on the material of your sneakers.


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