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Shoe care impregnate

Shoe care impregnate

In our country, the term impregnation is used colloquially for a water-repellent treatment of shoes but also textiles.

In the stationary trade, waterpoofing spray is often sold with new shoes. Too often according to our opinion, because it is not necessary in all cases.

Sued Shoes

For suede shoes a waterproofing spray is indispensable. It protects the fine pile of suede and nubuck leather from moisture penetration.

But it can do even more. It also reduces the adhesion of dirt. Therefore, use a waterproofing spray for your suede shoes even in the dry season.

Smooth leather shoes

Shoes made of normal cowhide or calfskin generally do not need waterproofing spray if they have been well cared for with shoe polish and shoe wax. The wax content in the shoe wax is sufficient protection.

Only very hard use of the shoes, such as long outdoor activities in wet weather, require additional protection with a waterproofing spray.

Application waterproofing spray

Spray the Burgol Waterproofing Spray evenly onto the leather from a distance of approx. 25 centimetres. Allow the shoes to dry for at least 15 minutes.

While all other shoe care products are used very sparingly, the waterproofing spray can be used a little more.

Indoor and inclusive care

The Burgol Waterproofing Spray spray does not contain propellant gas. You can also use it indoors.

The jojoba contained in it also provides additional care. Suede leather in particular, which cannot be treated with the usual care substances, benefits from it.

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