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Cleaning Sneakers

Cleaning Sneakers

Sneakers are certainly not consitered to belong to the classic shoes. By know even the wearers of classic leather shoes are no long averse to wearing sneakers in their leisure time.

For us, this is therefore a topic to which we are also giving space with an innovative product.

While cleaning of the various materials, such as canvas, nubuck leather and smooth leather, does not differ from other shoes, the smooth plastic surfaces are a particular challenge.

Especially the white edges of the sole, called midsole by sneakers, are exposed to constant abrasion and dirt.

Step 1: Prepare sneakers

Start by removing any coarse dirt or dust from your sneakers. You can do this by gently tapping or brushing them off. Alternatively, you can use a dry cloth to clean the surface.

Step 2: Clean the sneakers

Spray Burgol White Cleaner Plus generously onto the surface of the sneakers. Then gently work the cleaner into the upper of the sneakers with the Burgol Sneakerbrush, especially on heavily soiled areas. Use circular movements to effectively loosen the dirt. You can also spray the sneaker cleaner directly onto the edges of the soles.

Step 3: Dirt removal

Leave the cleaner on for about a minute to loosen stubborn dirt.

Step 4: Wipe and clean

Use a clean Burgol microfibre cloth to wipe all smooth surfaces with a little pressure. Wipe all other materials clean with a wet microfibre cloth. By following these steps, you can effectively clean your sneakers with Burgol White Cleaner Plus and keep them fresh. Remember to do a compatibility test on an inconspicuous area before use to ensure that the product does not have any undesirable effects on the material of your sneakers.

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