Eliminate the smell of sweat with the Burgol Shoe Cleaner

Eliminate the smell of sweat with the Burgol Shoe Cleaner

At high summer temperatures, the question arises not only with regard to clothing how to survive the day as cool and light as possible, but also naturally and especially with regard to the chosen footwear.

But no matter whether the decision is made for a sandal, a low shoe made of especially airy upper material or an open high heel, our body forms sweat to cool itself. The sole of the foot as one of the most constantly strained regions hits this in particular. It is even worse when, due to professional obligations, closed leather men's shoes or sneakers and sports shoes are worn in leisure time. With the Burgol Shoe Cleaner, however, bad smells are remedied in the twinkling of an eye.

What does the Burgol Shoe Cleaner accomplish?

The Burgol Shoe Cleaner is available in a 250 ml glass bottle. The white liquid exudes a gentle, non-intrusive, refreshing fragrance. True to the motto "as strong as necessary, but as gentle as possible", it has been developed to remove even stubborn dirt from the upper leather of leather shoes. In addition, the Shoe Cleaner has a disinfecting and pH-regulating effect, which is why it should be used regularly in summer to wash the inside of the shoe, especially the insole. This shoe care product is also biodegradable.

What types of leather is the Shoe Cleaner suitable for?

It makes no difference whether your shoes are made of exotic, smooth or suede leather. In any case, the Burgol Shoe Cleaner will achieve optimal results with stain removal and odor reduction when used correctly. This means that there are no more ways to gently and effectively clean and care for leather sandals, low shoes, boots and even dancing shoes.

How is the Shoe Cleaner used?

The application can also be found in key words on the label on the back: The milky liquid is shaken vigorously for a short time and then mixed with tap water in a ratio of 1:1. This is best done in a plastic bowl, which is used in every household for window cleaning or similar work. After being stirred once or twice with the hand, a small sponge is used: immerse, pick up the shoe polish and then rub a large area of the area to be cleaned - to prevent the formation of ugly edges - or completely wipe it out inside for deodorisation and soak the sponge in the liquid again and again. Alternatively, the shoe itself can be completely immersed. In this case, the sponge is used to massage the cleaner into the leather. Don't worry, nothing can happen to your good piece.

If soiling is to be removed, the washing cycle is followed by vigorous rubbing of the corresponding particles with a shoe brush, whereby antique finishes must be treated with care. This step can be skipped if it is only a matter of combating the smell of sweat.

Dab off the wet shoe a little at most, as it should hold the moisture. Under no circumstances should it be rinsed out with clear water, otherwise the effect of the Burgol Shoe Cleaner deflagrated.

Last but not least, please insert a shoe tree and give the shoe time to dry. Depending on its construction, this can take different lengths of time.

Conclusion on the Burgol Shoe Cleaner

The Burgol Shoe Cleaner is a gentle shoe care product for the cleaning of heavily soiled shoes, which, apart from its main purpose, also disinfects and therefore reduces or completely breaks down sweat odour. This only requires a few simple steps, which are worth repeating regularly, especially in very warm or hot temperatures. Further details can be found here on burgol.de under the menu item shoe care - Shoe Cleaner.

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