Refurbishing crumbly shoe wax for shoe care

Refurbishing crumbly shoe wax for shoe care

We are often called, that the hard wax cream in the tin, no matter from which premium manufacturer, has become crumbly or went dry.

If high-quality solvents such as balsam turpentine oil are used, it is quite normal that the hard wax paste, as it is called in Austria, shrinks and even partially breaks. This effect distinguishes a high quality shoe wax.

Here is the solution for the Burgol Shoe Polishing Wax

"If your shoe polish starts to crumble, you can place the opened tin in a cooking pot and fill in some tap water so that the water is about 0.5 cm below the tin edge in the water bath. Now you can heat the pot on low heat and wait until the wax in the tin is completely liquid. Then switch off the plate and leave the can on the plate in the water bath until the wax is thick again. (It is important that the shoe polish cools down very slowly, so please let it cool down on the warm plate!)

You may repeat this process as often as you like, the quality will not be affected.

Since all our waxes are made with natural waxes, they should not be exposed to major temperature fluctuations. With heat they become - as described above - soft, with cold very hard."

Burgol Shoe Wax

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