Two new products in the range

We invest a lot of time in our products so that they meet our standards and provide our customers with the best possible quality. Two new products were added to our range at the end of the year.

Burgol Luxury Dirt Brush

Our dirt brush with robust palm fibres reliably removes the toughest dirt from coarse soles, golf shoes with spikes, but also from shoes made of rough leather such as hiking boots.

It is too rough for the upper leather of fine smooth leather shoes or suede shoes. We needed a softer dirt brush, a luxury dirt brush, in the range.

The tufting material of the dirt brush was quickly decided upon. Bristles are firm enough to remove dirt, but still gentle enough on leather.

Simply equipping the brush wood of our dirt brush with the bristles does not work. We had to approach it slowly to find the optimal length of the bristles and density of the tufts.

We revised the hole pattern for the bristle tufts several times. The aim was to achieve a very dense and even brush surface.

In the final luxury dirt brush, we made the holes smaller in order to get more holes and thus more tufts of bristles into the wooden surface.

We optimise our products with many small details that are hardly noticeable at first glance.

Burgol Luxury Dirt Brush

If you look closely, you will see the tufts in the middle of the Luxury Dirt Brush sticking out of the wood totaly vertical. With growing distance from the centre, we have made the drill holes more and more slanted and reduced the distance within the rows. The brush surfaces is very even and the last row has a straight finish.

All details on the product page: Burgol Luxury Dirt Brush.

Burgol Renovator

Keeping leather in good condition for many years means caring for it regularly. Leather becomes dry and brittle over time, and small cracks quickly appear in folds.

If you touch an old bag that has been in a cupboard for many years, you can feel the dryness and brittleness.

When shoes are wet cleaned, the leather feels drained and dried out after drying. New shoes and other leather goods also often do not have enough moisture in the leather. In shoes, the consequence is a faster formation of walking creases.

We worked for almost a whole year to develop a formula that intensively provides leather with nourishing substances and counteracts precisely these negative effects.

In addition to the caring properties, easy application was also very importend to us.

We tested the formulas on countless men's and women's shoes made of various types of leather. Many bags, suitcases, cases and belts were used for our tests.

Burgol Renovator

We are more than satisfied with the final formula. Enriched with argan oil, Burgol Renovator intensively cares for dry leather with a gentle formula. The Renovator is absorbed very well into the leather to unfold its care properties.

All details on the product page: Burgol Renovator.

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