The Burgol Horse Hair Brush 15 mm - our allrounder

The Burgol Horse Hair Brush 15 mm - our allrounder

Brush body made of native beech wood, left and right each with a finger recess for best grip, undyed tail hair of the horse in the lengths 15, 22 or 30 mm and manufactured in the Black Forest as quality products "made in Germany" - these are the Burgol Polishing Brushes.

So much for the facts. In this concise article, however, we would like to focus specifically on the practical benefits and areas of application of the shortest variant. It is not without reason that this one is the all-rounder among the Burgol shoe brushes:

The polishing brush for simple shoe shine

Similar to the versions equipped with 22 and 30 millimetre long horse hair, the shortest of the polishing brushes can also provide a shiny shoe. It is somewhat lighter, which makes frequent shoe care a lot easier because the hand and arm muscles tire more slowly. Typically, every shoe brush - and that counts for this one as well - is guided in swinging, but not too pressureful movements over every area of the shoe, which is said to have received a slight shine at the end of shoe polishing. Now high gloss and special polishes are reserved for the two longer formats and even more for our Fine Polishing Brushes made of Viennese Horse, goat and yak hair, but in combination with the Premium Shoe Pomade Cream and the Shoe Polishing Wax the Horse Hair Brush 15 mm can also achieve very respectable results in an extremely uncomplicated way.

The dust brush against road dullness and for polishing preparation

Before polishing shoes, however, dirt and dust must first be removed from the upper leather. The first is best done with a damp shoe cleaning cloth Premium possibly in combination with the Leather Milk or, especially for more stubborn impurities, the Shoe Cleaner. The 15 mm can, however, easily handle simple dust, e.g. from the street, as the short horsehairs are correspondingly firm or inflexibly close to each other. For this reason, the 15 mm Polishing Brush has been given the nickname "Dust Brush" by some of our customers in recent years. After the removal of dust from the shoes, it can be used immediately afterwards for polishing - a change of tools is not necessary, only a shoe polish should of course be used in between.

The brush for smooth and suede shoes

The above descriptions apply exclusively to smooth leather shoes. Such shoes made of suede leather do not need a shoe pomade or even shoe wax. On the contrary, these two shoe care products would damage the fine pile in the long term. For the care of suede shoes, however, special care products exist, such as the Burgol Suede Velours Care, and in addition various Suede Brushes. However, if only dust is to be removed and the pile is to be slightly raised, the 15 mm horsehair Polishing Brush is a good choice again.


The Polishing or Horse Hair Brush 15 mm is a true allrounder. Due to its compact form, uncomplicated handling as well as lightness it should not be missing in any shoeshine set. If you want to build up such a set successively, the Polishing Brush 15 mm should be seen as basic equipment. In the same way, it should not be missing on any journey.

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