Dubbin and Shoe Polishing Wax in late summer

Dubbin and Shoe Polishing Wax in late summer

This year the temperatures still show their merciless side even in late summer. And when walking, city strolls or business trips are not undertaken barefoot, regular shoe care also remains an obligation.

After all, it dusts everywhere. In addition, the upper leather of shoes needs special care these days, should it not dry out and its colors not fade. Shoe care products, on the other hand, are weatherproof and invite you to shine your shoes in any season of the year! However, few exceptions confirm this rule: both wax- and grease-containing shoe polishes in the popular tin cans can suffer from high temperatures, i.e. liquefy. How should such shoe care products, e.g. Burgol Dubbin as well as the Shoe Polishing Wax, be stored? We have listed a few recommendations for you here:

  • Parcel delivery drivers have already detected temperatures of well over 40 degrees Celsius in some of their delivery vans. Therefore, always ensure a particularly cool initial storage after receipt of ordered goods and exercise some caution when unscrewing, as more than 30 degrees Celsius can already lead to the formation of liquid.
  • cool and shaded
  • at most short, under no circumstances permanent in refrigerators, the shoe polishes would become very hard and brittle there and possibly leave some smell
  • protect from sunlight, at temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius liquefaction may already occur on the surface
  • always close the lid properly
  • never place cans upright

With these brand-new tips, your canned goods should now survive the summer without any problems.

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