Burgol Sneaker Brush

Burgol Sneaker Brush

The Burgol Sneaker Brush for gentle cleaning

The Sneaker Brush from Burgol is here! But what does the traditional shoe care brand with its focus on high-quality men's and women's shoes have in common with such sporty footwear as sneakers? Leather and high-quality textiles are the answers!

This shoe brush is meant for the daily cleaning and care of your sneakers. It is suitable for shoes made of nylon mesh canvas, synthetics and material combinations as well as leather and imitation leather, in order to quickly and easily remove street dust from such shoes. The Sneaker Brush is fitted with synthetic bristles in a special non-hooking quality, which protects the upper material every time it is cleaned. Because many bristles of other comparable shoe brushes have minimal "flags", which are created by cutting them off during the production process. These like to hook into textile surfaces such as canvas and nylon mesh and pull microthreads or leave fine scratches in leathers. This is not the case with the Burgol Sneakerbrush! However, it is not only recommended for all sneakers made of smooth upper material, but also for suede leather ones, in order to brush them or to apply shoe cleaners.

  • Effective cleaning
  • Protects the upper material
  • Non-hooking synthetic bristles
  • Length with handle approx. 180 mm
  • Bristle face approx. 75 x 21 mm
  • Bristle length approx. 19 mm
  • Sustainable production "Made in Germany"
  • Brush body made of domestic beech wood


The use of the Sneaker Brush is absolutely intuitive: First apply water or a shoe care product such as JUNIOR White Cleaner, Leather Milk or Shoe Cleaner to the sneaker to be cared for. The corresponding instructions for those care products must be observed. Then the Sneaker Brush is moved over the shoe with circular and slightly pressureful movements until it is visibly cleaner. For dust removal and against light muddy incrustations the use without additional liquids is sufficient. Instead of the previous application on a shoe, a cleaner can also be applied directly on the Sneaker Brush.


The Burgol Sneaker Brush is also used to support the Burgol JUNIOR White Cleaner for relief-like upper material. Since a good part of modern sneakers are made of structured leathers or textiles, that are more interesting to the eye, this brush with its gentle, non-hooking special bristles is of outstanding importance.

Burgol Sneaker Brush

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