Burgol JUNIOR White Cleaner

Burgol JUNIOR White Cleaner

The Burgol JUNIOR White Cleaner Kit

In sneaker care, cleaning the smooth white surface is still the greatest challenge today. All previous cleaners have not satisfied us.

In cooperation with a Westphalian research company, we have now developed a cleaner, that uses a completely new approach to gently but effectively clean smooth sneaker surfaces.

Our new Burgol JUNIOR White Cleaner is a real earthquake under the dirt! Instead of chemically dissolving the dirt, 200 nanometers of tiny microbubbles slide under the dirt, swing up to 8,000 times per second and lift the dirt off the surface.

This physical stain removal works on all smooth surfaces and makes sole sides, white stripes and other surfaces of the sneakers appear in brilliant white again.

The White Cleaner is "made in Germany". In addition, it is also particularly skin-friendly, has received the Dermatest seal "very good" and does not require any danger warnings according to the CLP regulation.

  • Physical cleaning of smooth surfaces of sneakers and comparable shoes
  • Restores the old white
  • Dermatest seal "very good"
  • Does not require CLP hazard warnings
  • Spray bottle without propellant gas
  • Made in Germany
  • 100 millilitre content
  • The kit includes 1 bottle of JUNIOR White Cleaner, 1 JUNIOR Microfibre Cloth plus 1 Sneaker Brush


Despite its great effectiveness, the Burgol JUNIOR White Cleaner is particularly easy to use. After brushing off the shoe to be cleaned with the Burgol Sneaker Brush to remove loose dirt, its surface is sprayed with the White Cleaner. Now wait 60 seconds before wiping with a clean cloth, e.g. the JUNIOR Microfibre Cloth.

The Burgol JUNIOR White Cleaner standalone

For all those who already have a Burgol Sneaker Brush and the JUNIOR Microfibre Cloth or a similarly effective set, the JUNIOR White Cleaner is also available standalone in a single bottle.

Burgol JUNIOR White Cleaner

The technology behind the Burgol JUNIOR White Cleaner

Our JUNIOR White Cleaner is a cleaner, specially developed for white sneakers and shoes. The underlying technology can justifiably be described as trend-setting, because the White Cleaner has what it takes to replace chemical shoe cleaners soon. It works exclusively physically on the basis of food and cosmetic raw materials.

The suggestion came from sneaker wearers and lovers themselves, who always had problems cleaning their shoes. The solution came out of the considerations and tests of a loose, scientific network that has set itself the task of developing innovative products at regular intervals to make everyday life easier:

After a short shaking, the JUNIOR White Cleaner is sprayed onto the upper material to be treated. Approx. one minute later it can be easily wiped off with a suitable shoe shine or polishing cloth, such as the Burgol-Junior Microfibre Cloth, together with the removed dirt, without any streaks. It can also be used to remove black stripes from shoes on laminate and doors, and edding from table tops.

The White Cleaner acts like an ultrasonic bath that flows in seconds between the surface and the dirt, triggers a "micro earthquake" there and lifts off the dirt. Bubbles as small as 200 nanometers vibrate up to 8,000 times a second. In addition to the cleaning effect, this shoe care product also has a lasting dirt repellent effect.

In addition to these effects, the avoidance of aggressive alcohols and substances of concern offers several major advantages: The White Cleaner does not require any propellant gas, does not require any labelling in accordance with the CLP-Directive and has been rated "very good" by Dermatest®. In principle, the JUNIOR White Cleaner can even be used as a cosmetic remover.

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